Random Shit

These are random shots from various garages...etc,.

I've been fortunate enough to see these beauties up close and personal, and have even ridden in a few. I am not going for artistic style on any of these images, just wanted to capture what I saw in front of me. All have been shot on my phone.

The shots of the army green Porsche 911 Carerra T are when famed YouTuber Sam Fane (GBR) from Seen Through Glass visited the Authentic Motorcars garage. Sam and his girlfriend travelled the world to experience car collections, car culture and anything in between on the Drive The World segment. The Porsche was packed up and shipped around the world. Their journey across America covered over 12,000 miles from Miami to LA, up to Seattle and Vancouver, BC in the North American leg of the tour. Authentic Motorcars general manager Shannon Low invited Sam to the garage to drive the iconic Spyker C8 Spyder, which was featured on his YouTube channel.